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Samba Meets Jazz Workshops

Nilson Matta is continually focused on passing on his talents and experiences to the next generation of young bassists.  He is a member of (ISB) the

International Society of Bassists  and often appears as a  featured guest and performer at their conventions. 

Matta is also well known for his teaching ability, which has been showcased in different settings around the world.  Nilson gives lessons to young bassists in addition to his world-renowned master classes.

Nilson has provided presentations for a wide range of audiences and professional musicians. His workshops are sculpted in such a way that they can be adapted for any situation – providing benefits for students and professional musicians alike.  The result of these workshops is a full knowledge of the instrument and how to play in all styles.  In addition, Matta conveys his first hang knowledge of Brazilian culture and music leaving the student extremely well versed in that style.The workshop is for ensembles, groups or individuals.  The lessons Nilson teaches are not bound by age, experience or group size.

Nilson taught  workshops and Master Classes from 1995 to 2002 at Bass Collective in NYC and Montclair University in NJ. Since 2009 Nilson has been teaching at  Litchfield Jazz Camp.

Nilson has been doing Master Class in Asia, Europe and USA.  He is also a 4-time featured performer and teacher at the International Society of Bassists

Nilson also gains great benefits from his work doing workshops, the energy of his students constantly inspires Nilson to push forward in his own playing.  He is passionate about putting students together and watching them grow musically.

As Artistic/Music Director of Samba Meets Jazz Workshops, Nilson Matta continues his lifelong commitment to sharing his talent and the rich heritage of Brazilian Jazz.

In its 6th year, Samba Meets Jazz Workshops is dedicated to promoting the study and appreciation of Jazz, Brazilian Music and World Rhythms, and to creating opportunities for musical exchange across cultures.  

With its week-long programs in Bar Harbor, Maine and Rio de Janeiro, adult instrumentalists and vocalists of all levels and musical backgrounds come together from across the globe to learn from a “who’s who” in Brazilian Jazz, Jazz and Afro-Cuban Jazz. 

These luminaries have included:  Ivan Lins, João Bosco, Leny Andrade, Chico Pinheiro, Gilson Peranzzetta, Claudio Roditi, Steve Wilson, Dave Stryker, Arturo O’Farrill, Harry Allen, Mike DiRubbo, John Hart, Fernando Saci, Celia Vaz, Leny Andrade, Bob Sanabria, Claudia Villela, Pascoal Meirelles and Café.  While they each come from different musical backgrounds, there is one common denominator – a contagious joy in music-making, generosity in sharing their expertise and “tricks”, and their sincere desire to help each student to move to the next level..

SmJ vacation-study weeks provide participants an opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives and the pressures of their jobs, to focus on and share their passion for music with like-minded adults, and inspiring teachers – in spectacular locations where the mountains meet the sea!

If you’re an adult hobbyist, a classical player seeking to explore new genres, a student seeking to immerse yourself in study, an educator seeking to expand your craft,  or a working musician,  Samba Meets Jazz will program and provide inspiration and a road map for follow-up at home – in a fun, and supportive environment.


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